With DOLPI, design, technology and handmade artistry combine to make something truly unique and luxurious in wood.  A collaboration of an Architect who specializes in wood and a veteran Eyewear Designer, DOLPI glasses are beautiful, wearable and easy-to-fit.

The frames are incredibly light (24 grams) and designed with a spherical curvature that makes them easier to fit and effortlessly comfortable to wear.  Fitting DOLPI glasses is easy with a unique rimlock that makes lens insertion simple and acetate temple tips that accommodate a wide range of adjustment.  

DOLPI is also committed to sustainable manufacturing - it's the first eyewear to be PEFC certified - reflecting the company's strong emphasis on local materials and sustainable forestry practices.  

DOLPI frames come in a myriad of natural wood variations and a wide range of sunglass options featuring Zeiss lenses.